The HR Policy

Our recruitment and staffing policy combines proximity, high standards, top-quality training, stringent compliance with labour regulations and strong business ethics, built on:
– management techniques that promote cooperation and motivation in order to unite all our staff around a common goal: working together to provide an excellent hospitality service.
– regular monitoring of staff well-being
– a works council, which provides several staff benefits
– a motivating compensation package, including a six-monthly bonus linked to quality/diligence
– a policy for promoting the integration of disabled workers
– a profit-sharing scheme

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Business ethics, protecting the environment, service quality and professionalism are key priorities for Profil, which has developed a CSR policy built of the following pillars:
– recruitment of staff on permanent contracts – hospitality hostesses/stewards for events/company-reception hostesses.
– an occupational health policy based on close collaboration with the occupational medical authorities in order to establish prevention plans to protect our employees
– ensuring our premises are easily accessible for persons with reduced mobility and close to public transport services.
– placing environmental protection at the heart of our professional life: waste-sorting and recycling, combating all forms of waste (paper, electricity, water consumption) and optimised travel: favouring public transport, carpooling or cycling.
awareness-raising schemes concerning disability (poster campaigns highlighting our commitments, creating an atmosphere of trust between employees, support for the integration of disabled-workers)
– proximity based on close collaboration with local youth-support and social-integration organisations, such as the “Maison de l’ emploi” or the Prado association.
– direct initiatives, for example working with disability-friendly companies for the provision of services throughout the year (dry cleaning services, sewing alterations, tailoring services, delivery of meal trays, and the collection of waste paper by the company Elise, which employs people with hearing disabilities.)

Commitments: we are committed to providing a dynamic team of professionals who share your values and master labour law requirements and the provisions of collective agreements, in order to provide optimum services that comply with labour legislation. In France, Profil is a member of the National Union of Service Providers for Hospitality, Event and Promotional activities.

Our goal: to continuously develop the skills of our staff and build cohesion in order to motivate, create positive energy, enthusiasm and desire.
Everyone wants to be involved and to be there!

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