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International Women’s Day – At the heart of a hostess’s life Profil

8 March: International Women’s Day

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day will be ‘Thinking Equitably, Building Smart, Innovating for Change’.

For Profil hospitality staffing agency, this is an opportunity to thank all our hostesses (on one-off, recurring and permanent missions) and in particular our company reception hostesses.


Marjorie, corporate hostess in Paris

We invite you to immerse yourself in the daily life of Marjorie, one of our hostesses, hired since January 2020 in a clinical research company based in the Paris region.


What are your main missions within the company?

My main missions are, apart from the physical and telephone reception, to manage the employees’ invoices, to book their trips and to be able to assist them if necessary in all administrative matters. Within the company, I am also trained in their protocols in order to be able to give an optimal service. This allows me to learn a little more every day and to be able to be versatile in all the given tasks and to be able to support employees in their work whenever they need it, and above all, to understand the company in which I have been placed by the hospitality staffing agency Profil.

Marjorie, what do you appreciate most about being a company receptionist with Profil Agency?

What I appreciate most about my position with Profil Paris Agency is that they listen to us, help us when we need it and are accommodating. Quality service is not only given to clients, it is also given to all employees.

In your opinion, what are all the qualities needed to succeed as a company receptionist?

To succeed as a hostess in a company, I think that the first qualities are, apart from smiling on all occasions, the desire to learn, adaptability, but also seriousness, punctuality and consistency. You have to remember that there are two companies that trust us at this moment: our agency and the client. We are the image of both. We are the image of both. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that both are satisfied with the image we give, but also with our day-to-day work.


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